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Model KBA Rapida RA104-4
Year 1990
Stations 4
Sheet-size 720 x 1040 mm.
Impressions 160 mio.
Reference: 4034
Description Ref. 4034 - KBA Rapida 104-4 Age 1990.
4 Color Straight Machine
Max. Size: 720 x 1040 mm (40 x 28 inch)
Max. Speed: 15.000 s/h
Varicontrol Console
Varidamp Dampening
Baldwin Cooling and Recirculation Device
IR Dryer
Circumferential and Lateral Register
Powder Spryer
Standard Equipment
Good Working Condition
Restored by KBA when had 145 Millions of Impressions
160 Millions of Impressions
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